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History of the Commission



    The Commission seeks to maintain a stable core membership of around 100 scholars. Its administrative work is done by a Bureau of fourteen members elected every five years at the International Congress of Historical Sciences (CISH). At its Oslo meeting in 2000 the Commission decided to construct the Bureau in two parts: an administrative committee of five offices, and other members elected for their distinction and potential contribution to the discussions of the Bureau. The administrative committee now has five officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Program Director and Treasurer. At CISH's  21st Congress in Amsterdam in August 2010, the Commission held a general assemby in which a new board was elected. The current members of the administrative committee consists of Antonis Liakos (Athens, Greece) as President, Edoardo Tortarolo (Vercelli, Italy) as Vice-President, Q. Edward Wang (Glassboro, USA) as Secretary General and Treasurer, and Ewa Domanska (Poznan, Poland) as Program Director. The rest Bureau members are Frank Ankersmit (Groningen, Netherlands), Stefan Berger (Manchester, UK), Qineng Chen (Beijing, China), Chris Lorenz (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Estevao de Rezende Martins (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Jörn Rüsen (Essen, Germany), Diana Mishkova (Sofia, Bulgaria), Sanjay Seth (London, UK), Hayden White (Palo Alto, USA), and Masayuki Sato (ex officio, Kofu, Japan).

    Since its establishment in 1980, the Commssion has succeeded in organizing and cosponsoring a number of conferences and workshops aimed to help the advance of the study of historiography and historical theory. In the early stages of planning, meetings were held respectively in Greece and China. There were international colloquia in Montpellier in 1983 and Paris in 1988. In 1993 a conference was held in Budapest on the historiography of the former Eastern European and other socialist countries, which also became the theme of one of the sessions organized by the Commission at CISH's Montreal Congress in 1995. During 1995 and 2000 other conferences were held in Budapest, Poznan, and Uppsala; the latter was organized by Rolf Torstendahl, a Bureau member at the time, in preparation for a session he put together for CISH's Oslo Congress in 2000. In more recent years, conferences either sponsored or cosponsored by the Commission were held in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Hungary, China, Greece, and Taiwan, in addition to the Commission's general meeting and sessions at CISH's Syndey Congress in 2005 and at its Amsterdam Congress in 2010. At present, the Commission is planning sessions for CISH's 22nd Congress in Ji'nan, China, in 2015, as well as other international conferences between now and then.  For other upcoming conferences and activities, please see Member Activities and News.


    Historical theory and historiography possess an important place in historical research and teaching. The Commission seeks to play the role of facilitating the exchange of opinions and ideas among its members, and historians in general, to improve and expand the field of study on a global scale. Many of its members are distinguished scholars in the field who have accumulated ample experience in teaching and developing courses on historiography and historical theory, and are more than happy to offer help and/or provide support to both institutions and individuals where such interest arises. The Commission also boasts a formidable phalanx of internationally recognized authors with successful experiences in publishing works on subjects related to the study of historiography.

    In addition, the members of the Commission enjoy the following benefits:

  • To propose panels and/or participate in the sessions organized by the Commission at CISH's quinquennial congress held across the world (recently in Montreal, Oslo, Sydney, Amsterdam and will be held in Ji'nan, China, in 2015);
  • To be invited to attend and present papers at conferences on related subjects either sponsored or cosponsored by the Commission;
  • To subscribe to Storia della Storiografia at a discount rate;
  • To elect or to be elected onto the Bureau of the Commission;
  • To participate (by invitation) in research projects developed by the Commission or by its members.
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How to Join

The Commission is open to anyone who is interested in exploring issues related to the study of historiography and historical theory. There are two ways to become its member. One is to be invited to join by a current member.  The other is to apply directly to the Commission by sending a vita and a brief statement of your interests to the Bureau,  c/o Q. Edward Wang, Secretary General of the Commission, Professor of History, Rowan University, 201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028, USA; or by email at Once the application is approved, an annual membership of $35 is called for and should be sent to the Treasurer of the Commission, Professor Q. Edward Wang at the same address.

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